Live Wedding Painting at the Ashford Estate NJ with men in bowler hats from the Thomas Crown Affair.

“Joan this is perfect.  It is exactly what I wanted, but …. MUCH BETTER EVEN THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED.  
It is a MASTERPIECE!  Thank you so much.  I LOVE IT!” ~ The Bride.
My bride for this  beautiful wedding knew exactly what she wanted me to paint.  The beautiful ballroom at the Ashford Estate, NJ with the gorgeous moldings, and fireplace, exquisit florals,  both sets of parents, siblings, brother in law, niece and nephew, the couple’s monogram projected onto the fireplace, the horn section of the band … and … as a surprise for her Groom, an element of the bowler hat scene in The Thomas Crown Affair (with Piers Brosnan and Renee Russo).   Because, this was their favorite movie and … her groom’s cake was to be a 3D version of the man in the Magritte painting “Son of Man” and she had arranged for red strobe lights while 10 of the male guests wearing bowlers,  to brought it into the ballroom after the Bride’s cake cutting.   So I thought, why not put in the “Son of Man” painting on the fire place above the monogram …

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