Live Event Painting in Philadelphia with BVT Jelly Roll at the Crystal Tea Rooms by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

"The painting is abosulutely gorgeous.  Thank you so much for doing this for us." ~ Bride and Groom"Phenominal!" ~ Bride's Father
"It blows my mind to think how you can capture all these people and look just like them.  Every time I look at the painting I get
to live the evening all over again.  It is fabulous." ~ Groom, when he collected the painting from my studio.
Gorgeous Florals by Vito at Carl Alan.  Band Jelly Roll.  This beautiful June wedding at the Crystal Tea Room was my second painting for this family.  Two years ago I painted the wedding of the Bride's twin sister - and after that, her father said for the next daughter (he has three) he would put me at the top of his priorities list and book me as soon as they knew the date ... and he did!  

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