Monet Gardens setting for wedding painting near Philadelphia by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

My Bride's dream was to walk across a bridge, inspired by Monet's painting, towards her guests and waiting groom.  Unfortunately, it was pouring down, after a week of clear blue skies, and they married indoors.  Not daunted, her intrepid event painter, aka, me, brought her vision into her painting, as a backdrop to the reception at the Talamore Country Club in PA.  Captured in the painting are the wedding party, the groom's parents, the bride's father, and her mother is represented by the butterfly on the cake, and ... dear friends who made this painting a very very special wedding gift to the Bride and Groom..  
"When I saw one of Joan's paintings on my friend's Facebook page, I knew immediately that that is what I wanted from my wedding.  
Nothing else, just that.” and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!  It is so perfect, and the colors are wonderful for our home.  
We are so thrilled to have this painting.  Thank you so much."  ~ The Bride
"The Bride started telling me about you, and how much she wanted you to paint at her Wedding, and how she wanted all the other guests to give her this as a joint gift,  I knew instantly that this would be the perfect gift for a wonderful, wonderful Bride." ~ the person who made this painting possible.
"You are absolutely FABULOUS."   ~ many many guests throughout the evening, (and my favorite TV show.)

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