Live event painting at a wedding at the White Hall in Louisville, KY by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

"You are truly amazing.  We loved getting to know you and the painting is absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you so very much for coming all this way to paint for us.  We have been excited about this since the moment we heard about you.” 
Groom's Mom, my Client ~  herself an accomplished fine artist/art teacher ~  who's son, the Groom, thought  this  the perfect wedding present from his Mom.
"This is the most exciting thing I have ever seen at a wedding ~ and I go to a lot of them" ~ Wedding Guest
Travelling by air to paint for clients requires a tremendous amount of logistical planning and shipping ahead to conform with air travel regulations, but the effort is always well rewarded!  The cost is also considerably higher so it is gratifying to know that I have satisfied my clients.  This wedding at the White Hall in Louisville, Kentucky was enchanting.  The weather was perfect - sunny in the low 70's - set in the gorgeous grounds of the historical and beautiful White Hall Mansion and the theme was BOURBON - bourbon tasting, bourbon soaked wedding cake ~ which is really a metaphor for warm and delightfully friendly charm and hospitality.
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