LIVE EVENT PAINTING IS A POWERFUL MEDIUM in its own right, with distinct advantages over photographs/videos ...

I have a unique flexibility to add to and subtract elements from the painting, which makes Live Event Painting  a very powerful medium, with distinct advantages over the camera.  For example, this 911 Freedom Tower painting shows the whole of Freedom Tower, the ceremony site, and I put photos on the table at the front, instead of on a big screen slide show - the photo of the father and daughter is an adaptation of 2 photos, and the fireboat went by after the ceremony and  not  during the reception...   Also, I placed the bridal party, floral arrangements and cake where you could see them ... my job is to capture the culmination of all the hard work planning of this occasion.
"Joan,  I wanted to thank you for such an exceptional painting!  You are truly a talented and gifted painter!  You were able to capture the highlights of the evening and the emotions we were experiencing!  I am so happy I made this decision to hire you.  People are truly amazed when they see your work!  Is it possible to get prints of this?  I love it so much I would like to frame a copy!  We have only corresponded a few times and met once and yet because of this shared experience I consider you a dear friend!" ~ Bride's Mom

fireboat salutes wedding of 911 fireman’s daughter at Freedom Tower painted live by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter at Liberty House NJ.

 This beautiful Bride's father was a firefighter who was killed in 911.  Her mother asked  me to incorporate in the painting a photo of the bride as a little girl with her father, and also a wedding portrait of her deceased grandparents who helped the family survive their tragic loss.   It was also important to incorporate the Freedom Tower which means a lot to the family and was the gorgeous view from floor to ceiling windows in the Ballroom at Liberty House.  As a poignent tribute to the couple, just after the outdoor ceremony in Liberty Park, a fire boat from Marine 9 cruised by with full sprinklers, against the backdrop of Freedom Tower and the Manhattan skyline on one side and Liberty Park on the other ... it was a magnificent sight on a perfect June afternoon… SCROLL DOWN FOR CLOSEUPS:

fireboat salutes wedding of 911 fireman’s daughter at Freedom Tower painted live by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter
Bride as a little girl with her dad, a fireman who was killed in 911, wedding painting by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

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