DE wedding at du Pont Brantwyn Estate, captured live in an oil painting by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

My first time painting at this lovely family estate now part of the du Pont Wedding Collection with the du Pont Country Club
and the Hotel du Pont.  Flowers by 
Yukie, photo shooter Tom Feehly and planning masterminded by Wilmington's legendary Secretariat.  Chatting with his wife at the back with the gentleman next to the fiddlist is Congress Mike Castle, who have appeared in other paintings.

Live Event Artist Joan Zylkinpainting live at a Wedding at the du Pont Brantwyn Estate in Delaware

photos:  Feehly Photography
 "Joan, you were an amazing addition to our day and we will now be able to share our celebration through this painting to all who visit....without having to bore anyone with our wedding album! ;)" ~ the Bride
"Joan – you are OUTSTANDING!    It was so amazing to see you in action and the finished product was truly wonderful. I am so glad I got to meet you and work with you on this wedding. I appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism for your needs and set-up and also during the event. Anne made a wonderful call in hiring you and commissioning the painting for the event. Will be an amazing keepsake for them they will certainly treasure for years to come I am sure." ~ Samantha Diedrick, President, Secretariat Event Planning.

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