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"We are all thunderstruck by the beauty and creativity of Joan's painting of Tracy and Justin's wedding.  The Bride summed it up best by saying, 'I was expecting something wonderful, but the painting exceeded my expectations by 1000%!"  My daughter Jillian keeps saying "It's amazing that we can tell exactly who is who without all the facial details.'  And I keep wondering at how you managed to pick the most wonderful moments, in particular the Groom on one knee during his dance with the Bride.  One of the guests sought me out last night to say that she had been to many weddings (almost 10 in the last 14 months alone) and she had "never seen anything so beautiful at a wedding ever before. This was a very very special day for me and you were a large part of that!  The painting is now our most treasured possession.” ~ Groom’s Mom, who gave this painting as her gift to the Bride and Groom.

Bride with her live event painting, Princeton Wedding painting

The weather was perfect for this tented reception overlooking the beautiful, idyllic landscape of the Chauncey Conference Center in Princeton. To the left, peeking through the trees, is the pagoda where the ceremony took place;   looking on from the right of the dance floor are the couple’s beloved cats, Leo and Tulip (who were not at the wedding).

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