Painting in the DARK!    Thunderstorms threatened and ...  there was a very heavy shower just before the ceremony … it was outside as planned, but later on there was a total power outage which lasted for the rest of the night … and I finished this painting by holding my phone’s flashlight in one hand and paint brush in the other,  and took this photo by the flashlight of a second mobile.

Live event painting in the DARK! Gibson Is MD with thunderstorms and power outage by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

"In love with our painting by the live artist, Joan Zylkin, who finished the painting in the dark for the last hour and a half with lighting from her cell phone in one hand and paint brush on the other. Such talent!   Joan, you are amazingly talented!!!  We didn’t just like our painting, WE LOVED IT!   and recommend you to any and everyone! Cannot say thank you enough!” ~ Bride and Groom.

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