Cescaphe Wedding painted live during the reception by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

"This is such a keepsake. Joan you captured the moments. We love it!  You even put the cake next to the chuppa portrait with the barbie and ken dolls that were dressed like the bride and groom!  We can’t thank you enough.  Everyone has been talking about you.  They had never seen this before and were in awe!”  ~ Bride and Groom’s parents  

"I was mesmerized by her. ...what a fabulous keepsake...best I've ever seen!”  "Beautiful, what an amazing keepsake!” "Omg, this is amazing and awesome! Love it!”  "Wow that is the coolest idea ever, beautiful too!!!” ~ guests

Both Bride and Groom rowed for UV and the groom now rows for the US Rowing Team… which I represented on the far wall with their initials and wedding date over crossed oars and a V for UV.  Next to it is a portrait showing the Bride’s dress for the ceremony (which was in the same room)  … I placed them by the the chuppa, with their puppy.  The couple entered the room from steps on the right, with a display of fireworks, and after dinner they enjoyed a surprise gift … a performance by salsa dancers.

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