Live event painting at an Armenian/Greek wedding at the Crysal Tea Room in Philadelphia by The Event Painter,Joan Zylkin.

 "I just saw the painting and it is ABSOLUTELY stunning!!!  I cannot believe how spot-on everything is!  You captured the night perfectly!  I am so excited to hang the painting as a focal point in our home. What a wonderful memento from the best night of our lives! Thank you very much” ~ The Bride.
“I was sitting at a table behind you and I have had the absolute joy and privilege of watching you paint all night.  You are amazing. I paint, but not like you.”  “I have seen this done before, but not nearly as good as you are.” “The body language is gorgeous.”  “Well done!” ~ a small sampling of comments from guests.
“I am telling everyone that this is the most fun and exciting present you can give your kids; and it is an heirloom that will last forever.” ~ Bride’s Mom
The Bride’s family is Armenian, the Groom’s Greek and 350 of them came to celebrate in high style at this gorgeous wedding at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia!

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