LOEWS WEDDING:  studio painting

I wasn’t available to paint live so the Bride asked me to to a painting from photos - except she wasn’t too happy with the photos.  This skyline was not visible from the actual ballroom, but I thought it should be in the painting as the Philadelphia Loews is famous for its views of the city.  Also, I represented the church ceremony by putting a photo on the cake table of the bride and goom outside the church, and instead of the cake topper they had of the LOVE sculture, I created a topper from a photo taken of the couple standing beneath the real LOVE sculpture in Love Park.  Represented in the background is the caricaturist who was able to be at the wedding.

“Joan, you have done a really wonderful job.  I can recognize everyone in the painting.  It is absolutely beautiful and beyond all of my expecations.  Thank you so very much.” ~ The Bride, who gave this painting to her husband for his birthday a year later ...
“Hi, Joan, I just gave my husband the painting and he absolutley LOVES it!  We have had several people over to our home since and they can do nothing but compliment the painting.  You did an amazing job of capturing our special day and the painting is something that we will treasure forever.  Thank you so much!” 

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