Live Event Bar Mitzvah painting with Manhattan theme by The Event Painter, Joan Zylkin

Unfortnately this iphone photo (of the painting)  doesn’t do justice to the painting or to this stunning event as you can’t see the richness of the paint and the colors didn’t photograph well.  The theme was NYC and subways and guests were given street signs with their names on them. 

“I LOVE IT. Your painting is absolutely incredible - what a treasure of an incredible night celebrating our son.  I love it and couldn’t thnk of a better gift for our anniversary of the day before.  The colors are gorgeous, and you beyond succeeded in capturing the energy and love that filled the Crystal Plaza that night.  I love that you included the subway signs, our son’s portraits and the image of our family taken from our other son’s Bar Mitzvah, but wearing the clothes from this one.  I love that my parents are prominently displayed and so clearly recognizable, and my brother and his family.  I love that you captured me dancing with my son and my husband with our daughter with her baseball cap on, as she is so sporty. It is beautiful … and even better than I hoped it would be.  This is going to go in our dining room.  Thank you so much.” ~ Mitzvah Mom

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