Beatles Bar Mitzvah

"Joan you have outdone yourself, again.  It is completely different from the first painting and I love both of them.  Guests from the last party were asking if you would be here again and new guests were amazed and kept asking where I found you." ~ Lucas'  beautiful Mom.

Live Event Painting in Baltimore at a Beatles themed Bar Mitzvah, by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

For Lucas the theme was THE BEATLES with an iconic British phone booth, huge 7' guitars, gold discs on red walls, an ice sculpture of a guitar on an amp - with his name and bar mitzvah date - and to which I added another gold disc.  I used the cover the Abbey Road album and substituted the beatles for the Bar Mitzvah family on the zebra crossing.  Front left is a portrait of the three siblings, 18 months older than the last time I painted them at the older brother's bar mitzvah.  Standing by the ice sculpture are the grandparents, who look just as dashing as they did the last time I painted them, and behind the groups of boys and girls is the Hora.

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