Live event painting at Bat Mitzvah in NJ by The Event Painter Joan Zylkin

"I LOVE IT!” ~ Bar Mitzvah honoree.  
“You have done an AMAZING JOB!” ~ the general concensus of guests and those working at the event.

Over the last five years I have had the joy of painting this wonderful family’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations three times.  The first was for their son and his two younger sisters… he is now a confident - and handsome - college freshman. The second was for his next oldest sister who is now a confident and beautiful young woman, and last night was for their “little" sister ... who is now a beautiful confident young lady.  In each painting I have portrayed the parents and three siblings, plus both sets of grandparents, as well as details from the party showcasing the intestests and personality of the honoree.  It has been absolutely fascinating to watch this family grow, and mature into amazingly special people and I thank them for the privilege.

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