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Allisons Wonderland Bat Mitzvah painted live by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter

This a the live painting of Allison's Wonderland ... as featured in The New York Times. 11.11.2012

Bat Mitzvah party in full swing

What a wonderful opportunity to have a painting of your very special occasion with familiy and friends gathered together to celebrate your child's Big Day.  

My paintings capture the happiness of your friends and family as well as the events and energy of the party, while paying attention to all the details you have spent so much time and thought bringing together ... and the painting will be in your family FOREVER, long long after the flowers have faded and the last thank you is written.   Moments captured forever hanging on your wall to look at every day.

As I am painting I can organise the details and events to create one complete composition.  All those images in one frame ... on your wall in a rich and lustrous oils, and beautiful to look at.

Here is the view of the room from where I was painting …

I painted for Sheri Lapidus owner of:  Mitzvah>>


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