After I painted at his daughter’s wedding, my client asked me if I could create a very special painting for his very special client, who had just thrown a big birthday bash to celebrate 35 years in business and for which he flew in employees from his offices all over the States.  Yes, it was a BIG deal!  My client had been a guest at the bash and wanted me to capture the celebrations in a painting.  So we had a few phone meetings and discussed ideas and this is what I came up with.

I  chose this frame, and then had it shipped to it’s new home in Texas in time for my client’s meeting there, so that he could present the gift to his client buddies.   I am happy to say that the painting arrived on time, the meeting went well, the clients loved the painting and immediately gave it a home on the wall outside the executive boardroom so that everyone can enjoy it.
”I am very excited and pleased with the painting.  You handled the change I requested perfectly.  You nailed it and I can’t wait to present it to the client!!” ~ my client before shipping.
“My client was thrilled with the painting.  He actually had tears in his eyes and immediately hung it by the executive suite.  Thanks for this wonderful creation and delivering it on time as promised.  We had many compliments on the frame as well.  It was fun working with you on this project.” ~ my client after presenting the painting. 


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