The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown hired me on Bastille Day, 14th July, to be their “impressionist painter" for the day, to tie in with the current  blockbuster Impressionst exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and to promote its central location in the City of the Arts.  I painted guests in the Circ Lounge, which was designed in the center of the lobby to be a meeting place for guests, many of whom are in town for the events at Convention Center right next door, and others who were here for the Exhibit.  They were thrilled to become a part of their own “impressionist” painting, an experience which very few people ever have!

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“It’s absolutely beautiful, Joan. Everyone in the hotel is talking about it and really loving it!  The hardest part is going to be deciding where it should be displayed for our guests to see… we have so many great options. We are so happy to have it. Thank you so much. You have such an amazing talent.” ~ The Marriott Management Team


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