60 years in business 

celebrating 60 good years in business captured in a live event painting during the party by Joan Zylkin The Event Painting.

A family business celebrates 60 good years with an elegant soiree on a delightfully balmy evening in Potomac MD …  a joy to paint!

corporate owners celebrate in style and with a kiss in live event painting by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

This detail from the painting captures husband and wife owners celebrating not only in style, but with a kiss.
“BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you so much for painting this for us.” - the Client
“This is incredible.”" I can’t believe you have painted all that since you started.”  "It has been simply amazing watching you paint and we can recognize all the people in it.”  "I have never seen this before … can’t believe it.”  “WOW.  what a talent you have.” - and many many more comments from guests throughout the evening.

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