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Live event painting at corporate events is a wonderful to way to engage clients and employees, who will be intrigued to see me in action capturing your event ... AND what a great ice breaker !!
There a various ways I can add value to corporate events ...  making your product stand out and your Company remembered ... and also to capture the good times ... and milestones.

CORPORATE PROMOTIONS:  The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown hired me on Bastille Day, 14th July, to be their “impressionist painter" for the day, to tie in with the current  blockbuster Impressionst exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and to promote its central location in the City of the Arts.  I painted guests in the Circ Lounge, which was designed in the center of the lobby to be a meeting place for guests, many of whom are in town for the events at Convention Center right next door, and others who were here for the Exhibit.  They were thrilled to become a part of their own “impressionist” painting, an experience which very few people ever have!

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For the painting, I incorporated a Philadelphia Skyline with City Hall and it’s iconic William Penn statue on top … and which is just a stone’s throw from the Marriott, and flanked the walls on either side with their own “impressionist paintings” which run around the rotunda.

“It’s absolutely beautiful, Joan. Everyone in the hotel is talking about it and really loving it!  The hardest part is going to be deciding where it should be displayed for our guests to see… we have so many great options. We are so happy to have it. Thank you so much. You have such an amazing talent.” ~ The Marriott Management Team

COMPANY PARTIES:  Unique and meaningful souvenirs celebrating company celebrations and milestones, to be displayed for everyone in the company and their clients to enjoy and feel a personal connection to.  

celebrate company milestones in style with a live event painting by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

A recent celebration for 60 successful years in business hosted by the owners in their beautiful home … click on image for more detail.

PARTIES AT THE BEN: live event painting captures corporate event celebrations 25 years in business -  by Joan Zylkin The Live Event Painter.

Painted live at a party celebrating 25 successful years in business with all the partners archived forever in an oil painting.

SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE BARNES MUSEUM:  corporate party captured in a live event painting by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.

Painted live at a Corporate Holiday Party at the Barnes Museum.  The fun part about this was that I got to chose which paintings from the collection to represent on the walls … I went with Matisse.

SHOWROOM OPENINGS:    I have painted at showroom openings for Mercedes Benz, creating large paintings which include the new showroom, Mercedes Benz cars, and clients and dignataries who take their friends into the showrooms to see the paintings, which now hang in the showrooms.


Mercedes Benz Gala Opening captured in a live event painting as guests watch and become a part of the painting - which now hangs in the new Showroom as a talking point and to remember a really fun evening.

Live painting at the opening of the Lokey Benz Showroom in Clearwater, Fl.

"The Lokey Event is still generating extremely positive buzz and you can take a great deal of the credit !  Your talent was evident from the moment you picked up your brush and partygoers loved watching the painting's creation.  We loved spending time with you and thank you for imbusing th event with such flair.  Delightful ! best describes your aura.” - Mary Alice Collins, Creations and Occasions

Du Pont Registry story:  live event painting for Mercedes Benz by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter

as featured in The Du Pont Registry 

Live Event Painting of Gala Opening of new Lokey Mercedes Benz Showroom ~ painted during the evening and including VIPs and Guests.

48x72" painted live at Gala Event for new Lokey Mercedes Benz Showroom    Photos by Corey Conroy Photography


Mercedes Benz President Ernst Lieb with Dealership Owner Terry Rafih enjoy Joan Zylkin's live event painting at the opening of Terry's DE. showroom.

Mercedes Benz Presient Ernst Lieb, left, with Joan Zylkin, and multiple Benz dealership owner Terry Rafih, DE opening.  48x72" painted live at Gala Event for new Mercedes Benz Showroom, Wilmington DE

"Joan took our Mercedes Benz event from great to truly memorable! Our guests were fascinated by the her work and watching it progress. It's not easy to impress the President of Mercedes Benz USA, but as you can see in the photo below,he too was fully engaged !   The framed painting hangs in the new showroom and brings customers in to show their friends,  We were fortunate to find Joan !!!  - Kevin Cooney, Balance Marketing Group

Beaux Arts Group invited their guests to come and see me paint !  They chose theIir event date from my schedule and had an 85% turnout to watch me paint and to become a part of the painting, which is to hang in the board room of their new showroom in Orlando, for their clients to enjoy when they visit.

Make your client party unforgettable, the one they turn out for  talk about. Invite them to see live event painter Joan Zylkin create a work of art with a lot of them in it.

CORPORATE CLIENT PARTIES: Your clients will be amazed and intrigued to become a part of a painting that is being created before their very eyes ... be remembered and stand out from other events ... yours will be the one they talk about …  And afterwards, send them a notecard of the finished painting so they can show their friends and keep your event alive.


make corporate events memorable.  Live event painter Joan Zylkin creates a painting of your event - while it is happening - and your guests become a part of the painting… an experience they will never forget.

Live painting at client party for 100 CEO's and senior execs - all women !! at Garces Trading Co, Philadelphia. this painting became notecards and posters for the guests.
Here is a gathering of those same ladies 2 years later, this time at Garces Amada Restaurant in Old City Philadelphia, with Salsa dancers.

Live Event Painting at a corporate party at Amada Restaurant in Old City Philadelphia by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter.


A spectacular Gala celebration of the Philadelphia Festival of the Arts held in the Plaza and the theaters of the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.  The theme for this year's festival is Time Travel and Gala was conceived and brought to life by a committee of enthusiastic community arts supporters and or leaders, chaired by Sandy Marshall.  
“The painting is FABULOUS!  What a wonderful talent you have! Thank you again for being an exciting part of the event" ~ Hilda Bacon, Kimmel Center” 

WEDDINGS AND SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE KIMMEL CENTER: painting created live at the  PIFA 2013 GALA by Joan Zylkin The Event Painter
live event painting Kimmel Center.  Event Painter Joan Zylkin captures PIFA Gala

ANNIVERSARY GALAS:  PAINTING AT ST. LUKE'S 90th ANNIVERSARY GALA IN THE LEHIGH VALLEY:  The theme was 1913 ... Gatsby, charlston, black tie, crystal chandeliers, white florals, feathers, painted live at Blue Event Center, Bethlehem.  
"Joan I just wanted to relate how wonderful it was to have you at our Gala on Saturday.  Everybody was so dazzled by your talent and technique.  Your presence made th evening very special." ~ Ayn Carey, Director, Business Develpment, St. Luke's Warren Hospital. 

Live event painting for St Luke’s Warrant Hospital at the 90th Anniversary Gala in the Lehigh Valley.

RETIREMENT PARTIES/GIFTS TO HONOREES:   I have painted at parties for VIP's of all kinds,  capturing the event and it's VIP's, creating a  very meaninful gift for the retiree or honoree.  
“This is marvellous.  We love collect art and will treasure this painting.  It will bring back very special memories for us.” - honoree

Retirement Party at Per Se, NYC becomes a live event painting throughout the eventing and a gift for the Honoree.

Retirement party at Per Se restaurant in NYC with the view of Central Park at night and representing the honoree and his closest associates, as well as the pianist (top left) and the roaring fire on a winter’s night.   The night Painting as a gift for the retiring Chairman and President of a leading Pharmaceutical company.

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